Features of Milk Delivery Software

All-in-one milk round software to manage your milk deliveries. Get complete visibility and control of your entire dairy business with our milk delivery management software.
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Subscription Management

  • Order creation
  • Cancel and reschedule one-time and subscription orders
  • Pause and resume subscriptions
  • Never-ending subscription option
  • Subscription packages
  • Customized delivery options
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Catalogue Management

  • Manage multiple categories and sub-categories and brands
  • Define product type
  • Create configurable and combo products
  • Product-wise day allocation
  • Product-specific cut-off time
  • Pre-ordering for new launch products
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Accounts and Billing

  • Supports pre-paid, post-paid & hybrid business models
  • Auto charge (credit/ debit card)
  • E-wallet payments & reconciliation
  • Automated invoices
  • Customer-specific invoice terms (weekly and monthly)
  • Cash collection and reconciliation
  • Multiple payment options (online, cash and cheque)
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Customer Management

  • Customer profile creation
  • Edit customer information
  • Refund, deduct and recharge
  • Customer group allocation
  • Customer-wise credit limit
  • Customer activity logs
  • Customer feedback and status
  • Manage customer types (commercial and residential)
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Delivery Management

  • Area geofencing
  • Define area and routes
  • Area-specific day-allocation
  • Fortnightly delivery option
  • Multiple schedules and time slots
  • Schedule-wise cut-off time
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Route Optimisation

  • Manual & auto route optimization
  • Track delivery efficiency
  • Live tracking and ETA
  • Driver tracking
  • Driver shift management
  • Driver attendance
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  • Custom notifications
  • Automated notification (email, SMS, & push)
  • Whatapp invoicing
  • Payment reminders
  • Delivery instruction notes
  • Customer and driver-specific notes
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Promotions and Coupons

  • Referrals and rewards
  • Cashback on recharge
  • Yearly membership plans
  • Discounted trials
  • Discount coupons
  • Subscription discount coupons
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Stock Management

  • Future demand forecasting
  • Live stock tracking
  • Stock allocation (based on geofencing)
  • Low stock reports
  • Return stock tracking
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Container Management

  • Bottle history
  • Empty bottle reports
  • Bottle reconciliation
  • Container deposits
  • Bottle collection
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Reports and Analysis

  • Product performance reports
  • Failed payment reports
  • Delivery summary reports
  • Delivery reports
  • Sales report
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Privacy and Security

  • AWS server
  • Data Base Isolation (DBI)
  • Location-specific servers
  • Follow GDPR guidelines
  • Encryption
  • Customer data protection
  • User-based access control
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Tech Support

  • Dedicated WhatsApp support (24*7)
  • Knowledge base
  • Informative AI chatbot
  • Dedicated accounts manager
  • Data migration
  • Seamless data migration
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On-Field Marketing Features

  • Customer acquisition
  • Order creations
  • Order amendments
  • Cash collection
  • Recharge customer wallet
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Business Growth Features

  • Multi-store management
  • Location-wise price management
  • User-roles and permissions
  • Area-specific product management
  • Hub management
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Marketing and Growth Tools

  • Customer churn report
  • E-proof of delivery
  • Bad-debt customer data
  • Business holiday planning
  • Mailchimp configuration
  • Google Analytics integrations
  • SEO-friendly solutions
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Benefits of Milk Round Software

Streamline And Automate Your Entire Milk Delivery Business With Our Milk Round Software.
  • Manage empty milk bottles allowing drivers to log bottles recovered in the driver app.
  • Track the delivery drivers to track delivery efficiency.
  • Ensure order accuracy with automated scheduling and dispatching to remove human errors.
  • Obtain the e-proof of delivery (delivery via OTP or click the picture) to avoid future customer disputes.
  • Improve your customer satisfaction scores by maintaining direct communication between the drivers and the customer.
  • Enable the “refer and earn” feature from the backend to reduce the cost of acquisition.
  • Collect and track recurring payments to avoid bad debts and payment differences.
  • Optimize your delivery route to reduce total delivery turnaround time.
  • Analyze your business health with comprehensive sales, product, stock and delivery reports.

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