Manage Your Customers

Many customers plan their entire week with us. Easily set all your daily needs on auto pilot.

Review and Manage your deliveries as per your customers’ requirement. With the Admin Panel of our milk delivery App you can easily manage the following functions:

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    Instantly access a customer’s full profile & history:

    Get instant access to customer’s full profile, their area, order history, recurring orders for a desired tenure.

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    Issue credit/debit adjustments:

    Make adjustments in the payment history of the customer to cover for any pendencies from your or their side.

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    Set vacation dates:

    Your customer can pause the subscription while they are away on a vacation and resume it once they are back.

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    Text customers for drop-off confirmations:

    Your driver can contact the customer via App for confirmation on deliveries with you having full access to the coordination.

Milk Delivery Solutions customer’s Manage Your Product

Manage Your Product

Customize your product as per your client’s requirements, with numerous settings available in our Milk Delivery App.

  • Control user Behavior- “recurring only” or pre-ordered products
  • Customer can choose if they want the delivery daily, on alternate days, once a week or as per their need along with the quantity needed.
  • Choose on how you wish to bill your client- before/after delivery, after cut-off time, once a week on Fridays or monthly.
  • Get dynamic graphic depiction on your sales, any pendencies, customers etc on daily, weekly and monthly basis along with excel sheets.
  • Create multiple routes as per your needs and let our system automatically assign customers to those routes.

Distinct Features Of Our Milk Delivery App Solution

Location Tracking

Create your desired routes and keep a track of the product right from the time it gets out of the dairy, till it reaches your customer’s doorstep.

Product Management

Each product has a myriad of settings to help you control user behavior – from “recurring only” to pre-ordered products.

Sales Management

Get all your sales, financial or customer data in excel sheets and graphs, maintained by our Delivery App. Data Management made a lot easier!

Secure Payment Gateways

We have tie-ups with most of the leading gateway providers like: UPI, Cards, Net-banking, Wallets, etc to ease the process for you.

Communication Management

Delivery reminders, cut-off time reminders, follow ups after delivery etc. Send email announcements easily, Email invoices to your customers.

Coupon Codes

The coupon code management system is aimed at allowing the businesses to market their services and attract new customers by providing attractive discounts.

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