End to End Solution for your Milk Round

Get Complete Control Of Your Business And Manage Customer Requirement With Our Milk Round Software.

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Order Management

Allow customers to place, modify and cancel subscriptions and one-time orders digitally with our dairy management system.

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Payment Management

Automate the payment management- auto-generate invoices send to the customers digitally, payment collection and reconciliation.

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Stock Management

Auto-generate the future stock report to have precise data on total stock which required to fulfil customer demand.

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Route Management

Define routes and auto-optimise the delivery path which helps in cutting off the fuel costs and making the deliveries fast.

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Report and Analysis

Get auto-generated business reports like sales analytics, product sales, distribution and logistics, and Profit and loss.

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Customer Management

Manage the entire customer data (both B2B and B2C) with our milk management software and analyse customer behaviour.

Personalise Customer Experience With Milk Delivery Solutions

Make your customers' experience more rewarding by offering them a mobile app for milk delivery. Provide real-time order status updates and live order tracking to make the customer experience seamless.

  • Place & modify orders digitally

    Place & Modify Orders Digitally

    Customers can place a new order, edit the existing and cancel their order digitally. Auto-generated order summaries and invoices.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    Multiple Payment Options

    Customers can pay their pending bill payments both online (debit card, credit card, and payment gateways like Paytm, Stripe, PayPal, SagaPay, and TrustPay) and via cash.

  • Access Order History

    Access Order History

    Customers can access their order history any time they want for order reconciliation with the invoices. Offering such features increases trust and adds value to the brand.

  • Live Order Status Tracking

    Live-order Status Tracking

    Allow customers to track their orders in real-time and provide the estimated time of arrival ETA. The order status update notifications are sent via push notifications.

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Features of Milk Round Software

Streamline And Automate Your Entire Milk Delivery Business With Our Milk Round Software.
  • Manage empty milk bottles allowing drivers to log bottles recovered in the driver app.
  • Track the delivery drivers to track delivery efficiency.
  • Ensure order accuracy with automated scheduling and dispatching to remove human errors.
  • Obtain the e-proof of delivery (delivery via OTP or click the picture) to avoid future customer disputes.
  • Improve your customer satisfaction scores by maintaining direct communication between the drivers and the customer.
  • Enable the “refer and earn” feature from the backend to reduce the cost of acquisition.

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