What is Milk Round Software? – Features and Benefits

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Digitalization has become today’s trend and even the most traditional industries are adopting technology to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. One such industry is dairy milk delivery, where milk round software has revolutionized the industry.

But do you know what milk round software is and how it can streamline and optimize dairy milk delivery operations?

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What is milk round software?

Milk round software is an online SaaS-based platform that allows you to manage and track your business operations. It automates processes like managing orders, billing, stock counting, and delivery planning, reducing human efforts and errors. The solution aims to improve order accuracy, ensure timely deliveries, and maximize customer satisfaction, productivity, and profitability.

Types of delivery-models in milk delivery industry

The milk delivery industry is one of the most traditional industries, offering doorstep deliveries. Today, with the advent of technology, businesses use three types of delivery models. These are;

On-demand milk deliveries – This includes delivering milk when the customer demands it. These deliveries are generally made within 10-15 minutes of ordering milk.

Subscription-based milk deliveries – Customers can subscribe to milk deliveries and choose delivery frequencies, schedules, and numbers of deliveries. The milk is delivered to the doorstep regularly according to the set schedule. Both dairy farm owners and retailers can make these deliveries.

Direct farm-to-door delivery – The deliveries are made directly from the dairy farm to the customers’ doorstep. They can offer on-demand or subscription-based deliveries.

Why should milk delivery opt for subscription-based milk deliveries?

Milk is a staple food that goes bad quickly if not used on time. Even cold storage can cost you a fortune. Subscription-based milk deliveries reduce logistics costs and improve the efficiency of the deliveries.

Reasons to opt for subscription-based milk deliveries

Reduces delivery costs – The deliveries in subscription-based businesses are scheduled and done in bulk. On the contrary, on-demand deliveries are done individually and can increase the overall delivery costs. The delivery addresses are sequenced to reduce delivery time and distance.

Ensures on-time deliveries – Due to scheduled deliveries, you know when to deliver and the customers are also aware of the estimated delivery time. This ensures on-time order fulfillment, improving the customer experience.

Reduces milk spoilage – You know the future milk demand for subscription deliveries. This ensures you make optimum purchase orders to avoid stockouts and overstocking. This reduces the chances of milk spoilage and the cost of cold storage.

Ensures regular cash flow – Subscription businesses have a defined cash flow based on the subscription orders.

Improves retention – You can easily retain your customers in subscription businesses by offering discounts and coupons.

Understanding milk round software

Milk round software is a scheduled-based SaaS solution that automates and optimizes subscriptions, delivery planning, stock management, and payment collection and reconciliation. It works on a subscription-based scheduled delivery model. The software solution streamlines business processes to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability. The software comprises three platforms that work together to provide real-time business insights.

Three components of milk round software:

Admin panel

It is a web interface for business managers that provides an overview of business, including orders, payments, deliveries, routes, deliverable areas, customer data, and delivery drivers. The admin panel, also known as the admin dashboard, provides meaningful business insights like sales reports, product performance reports, customer reports, transactional reports, and stock reports. These reports allow you to track the financial health of your business.

The customer’s mobile app

Milk round software offers mobile applications (iOS and Android) and a website to customers. The milk delivery app allows customers to place and manage their orders. Customers can place one-time and subscription orders. To place subscription orders, the customer chooses the delivery frequency, schedule, and number of deliveries. Customers can choose the product to place one-time orders, and the delivery schedule is automatically set as the next delivery schedule.

The delivery driver app

It is a mobile app for delivery drivers that contains all the information about the orders to be delivered for the day. The delivery details in the driver app are automatically updated based on the order updates made on the admin panel or customer app. It clarifies drivers’ daily tasks by telling them when, who, and where they need to deliver.

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Features of the software that can improve business efficiency

The milk round delivery software offers various features and tools to manage and track your milk delivery operations, from ordering to deliveries.

Major features of milk round delivery software are:

Milk delivery software offers a range of features that help streamline business operations and improve delivery efficiency. Implementing such software solutions reduces the operational head cost and adds to profits.

Subscription management – Business managers and customers can place and manage one-time and subscription orders from the admin panel and customer app.

Catalog management – You can add and manage your categories, sub-categories, products, and brands. The system allows you to add as many as you like.

Accounts and billing – The system generates and sends invoices via email or WhatsApp. You can integrate payment gateways and provide payment flexibility to your customers. The system allows you to send reminder notifications for late payments or low wallet balances.

Stock leveling – The software integrates stock management software to auto-generate stock reports and ensures that you have sufficient stocks to fulfill customer demand. The reports help prevent running out of stock or overstocking.

Route planning – The system allows you to create delivery driver profiles. Then add areas and routes, and assign those routes to the drivers. The orders are auto-dispatched as all the order and customer details are auto-updated on the driver app.

Auto-route optimization – The system runs algorithms and considers various factors to create the most optimized routes. Optimizing delivery routes ensures fast and on-time deliveries, reducing the total turnaround time.

Delivery scheduling – You can create as many delivery schedules as you make deliveries. Customers can choose the preferred delivery window from the pre-set delivery schedules.

Real-time tracking – Business managers and customers can track their deliveries from the admin dashboard and delivery app. You can track your delivery drivers’ efficiency and productivity. Real-time tracking improves customer satisfaction and experience.

Customer management – The customer data is centralized in the system, which can be used to offer customized experiences. Offering personalized experiences to your customers can improve their journey and satisfaction.

Reports and analysis – The system generates insightful and meaningful reports to track and monitor your business’s financial health. You can use these reports to plan your future business sales.

Business growth features – Milk delivery solutions offer features that help you manage multiple stores, roles and permissions, set area-wise pricing, and hubs. The system is highly flexible to accommodate large amounts of data.

Notifications and updates – You can send and set custom and automated mobile notifications to your customers. These notifications can be sent via email, SMS, or push notifications.

Promotions and coupons – The system allows you to offer promotional discounts and coupons. This can help you run marketing campaigns to retain and acquire new customers.

On-field marketing tools – The driver delivery app allows your customers to acquire new customers. They can create new orders for new customers.

Empty container tracking – The reverse logistics system of the solution allows you to manage and track empty milk bottles with this feature. It prevents misplacing empty milk bottles and avoids financial losses.

Benefits of implementing the software

Implementing the best milk round software can offer various benefits, including increased efficiency, customer satisfaction, and better resource allocation.

Some of the benefits of implementing software for milk management are:

Improves efficiency – Automating business processes reduces the need for a heavy workforce and improves dairy business efficiency. The system includes features that promote business growth and increase profitability and ROI. Automated stock management with delivery software prevents stockouts and overstocking.

Enhances productivity – Features like route optimization, CRM, user-friendly customer app, automated payment collection, and reconciliation improve productivity. The system allows you to serve more customers in a defined time and boosts customer experience. It eliminates financial discrepancies and minimizes customer disputes.

Increased customer satisfaction – Allowing customers to place and manage their orders on a user-friendly mobile application improves the customer experience and satisfaction rates. Offering customers multiple secure payment options increases convenience. Features like real-time tracking promote transparency and improve customer satisfaction.

Improves customer retention – Offering customers promotional and discount coupons enhances customer engagement and can help retain customers. Features like order status updates and telematics improve customer satisfaction and customer lifetime value.

Increased return on investment – Improving operation efficiency helps you scale your business easily and increase revenue. Automating businesses minimizes the need for a larger workforce, reduces operational costs, and increases overall profits.

Positive cash flow – The system sends automated pending payments and low wallet balance reminders. These notifications enable customers to make prompt payments and ensure timely payments. Positive cash flow prevents businesses from having bad debt.

Minimizes ecological impact – The system digitizes paperwork, reducing deforestation. Route optimization helps to reduce fuel consumption and carbon footprint. The software’s features and tools help reverse logistics and lower the likelihood of misplacing empty milk bottles.

Scalability – The reports and data generated by the software can be studied and analyzed to plan future sales and expansion. Scaling decisions made are data-driven based on facts and figures that are rational.

Key metrics to track the success of your milk delivery business

The business’s financial success is measured using a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs). These indicators are analyzed to create strategies to improve them.

Some of these KPIs calculated by subscription-based service providers are:
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Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) – MRR is defined as monthly recurring revenue generated. It is calculated in percentages.

Customer Churn Rates – The percentage of customers who leave the service in a particular period.

Customer Satisfaction Scores – The percentage of customers satisfied with the product and service.

Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) – ARPU is the average revenue from an individual customer a company generates per month.

Delivery Accuracy Rates – It is the number of orders processed accurately out of the total number of orders processed.

On-time Delivery Rates – It is the number of deliveries delivered on or before the promised delivery time.

Order Fulfilment Rates – The percentage of orders delivered successfully without any return or cancellation.

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) – The prediction of net profit from the customers in their relationship with the business is known as customer lifetime value.

Customer Acquisition Rate (CAC) – The amount of money spent to acquire a customer is known as customer acquisition.

Online delivery milk round software acts as a catalyst for innovation and efficiency that accelerates your business success. Implementing delivery software, positions your business for long-term success in a competitive market landscape, delivering exceptional services and value to customers. Contact us to book a free live demo and see how ‘Milk Delivery Solutions’ can help your milk round business improve efficiency and productivity.