Top Milk Delivery App Development Companies in UK

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Doorstep milk delivery services have become increasingly popular and have been extended to other dairy products with milk delivery apps. These applications simplify the ordering process for customers and enhance operational efficiency for dairy businesses. The efficiency of these applications depends on the expertise of app development companies that understand the unique requirements of the dairy industry. Several companies provide innovative solutions for doorstep milk deliveries in the UK, including Milk Delivery Solutions and TrakOp.

The blog will introduce you to creating a milk delivery app and the top development companies in the U.K. that can help you.

What is milk delivery app development?

Milk delivery app development includes creating a mobile application that helps deliver seamless milk and dairy products to customers’ doorsteps. The application streamlines the process for customers and dairy business owners, increasing convenience, efficiency, and user experience. Here’s a detailed description of what milk delivery app development encompasses:

How can I create a milk delivery app?

Before creating a dairy product delivery app, you must understand the business model you want for your milk distribution business.

There are three types of milk delivery models:

  1. On-demand milk delivery model
  2. Subscription-based milk delivery model
  3. Direct-to-farm milk delivery model

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Creating a milk delivery app involves various steps, from initial planning and design to development, testing, and deployment. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you through the process:

1. Define objectives and goals

  • Identify your goals
  • Market research

2. Consider these features

  • User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design
  • UI design – Ensures that the app is easy to understand and navigate.
  • UX design – Ensures the app is highly intuitive and provides a good customer navigational journey from browsing to checkout.
Customer app

The customer milk distribution app is available on iOS and Android mobiles. The application allows customers to place and manage their orders (subscriptions and one-time orders). They can track their orders and receive notifications in real time.

Features of the customer app:

Place and manage orders – They can place, cancel, and reschedule one-time and subscription orders. They can pause their ongoing subscription and define the date to resume or manually resume it.

Multiple payment options – Customers can make their payments online or in cash. The online options include payment gateways, credit/debit cards, in-app wallets, bank transfers, and cheques.

Real time order status updates – Customers receive updates about their order as it is confirmed, rescheduled, canceled, or delivered successfully.

Notifications and reminders – The customers also receive SMS, emails, or push notifications on their registered mobile. They also receive pending payments and low wallet balance reminders.

Live tracking and ETA – They can track their orders and receive the estimated time for order delivery. This prepares them to be available to receive the order.

Customise orders – The customer can choose any product according to their choice, select the frequency of delivery, i.e., daily, alternate days, or custom days, and the number of deliveries.

Driver app

The online milk delivery app for drivers is available for Android mobiles. The app includes all the delivery information. This gives the delivery driver daily task clarity.

Features of milk delivery driver app

Daily task clarity – Includes all the delivery information, including order details, customer details, and addresses.

E-proof of delivery – The drivers can obtain electronic proof of delivery. E-proof of delivery is validation that the order is successfully delivered.

Record cash collection – The drivers can collect the cash from the customers in the application, which is auto-updated in the admin panel and handed over to the business manager later.

Run-time order modification – Drivers can modify customer orders in the run-time and meet customer demand with the buffer stock.

Reschedule and cancel orders – They can reschedule or cancel orders if the customer cannot receive them.

GPS navigation – The app allows drivers to fetch directions for customer addresses and fulfill orders efficiently and hassle-free.

Record collected empty milk bottles – Drivers can enter the number of milk bottles given and collected from the customers.

Add new customers and place orders – Drivers can create new profiles for new customers and place orders for them.


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Admin panel

It is also known as a business dashboard. It provides a complete overview of your entire business, which includes the ordering process, payment collection, stock leveling, delivery planning, and route optimization.

Features of the admin panel

Place and manage subscription orders – You can place, cancel, and reschedule one-time and subscription orders on behalf of your customers. You can pause their ongoing subscription, define the date to resume it, or manually resume it for your customers.

Track payments – You can check transactional details for all the payments received by the customers and reconcile them.

Product management – You can add categories, sub-categories, brands, and products. You can add as many of them as you want and manage them.

Send notifications and reminders – You can send manual or automated notifications to your customers individually or in bulk.

Customer grouping – You can group your customers to offer credit- limits or different pricing. This feature is helpful for businesses dealing in B2B.

Level stock – Access stock report to check stock availability and prevent stockouts and overstocking.

Track empty milk bottles – You can check the bottles given and received by the driver. You can also make the milk bottles chargeable and keep the amount refundable as the customer returns the bottles.

Auto-route optimization – The feature optimizes the delivery route and sequences the deliveries to reduce the total turnaround time.

Order scheduling – Create as many delivery windows as possible for order deliveries.

Reports and analytics – Get auto-generated reports, including payment reports, customer churn reports, delivery reports, product performance reports, and stock reports.

Customer management – CRM solution integrated centralizes customer details. The details include customer orders and payment histories.

Driver management – You can manage the profiles of your delivery drivers and assign routes to them.

Area and route creations – You can create your serviceable areas and routes in which delivery is to be made.

Delivery and driver tracking – You can track deliveries and your drivers in real time.

Promotions and coupons – Offer your customers discounts or coupons as a promotional strategy.

3. Choose the right tech stack

  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • APIs and Integrations

4. Develop the app

  • Setup Development Environment
  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Development

5. Testing

  • Quality Assurance
  • Beta Testing

6. Deployment

  • Prepare for Launch
  • Marketing and Promotion

7. Maintenance and updates

  • Prepare for Launc
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Monitor PerformanceRegular Updates

Top milk delivery app development companies in the U.K.

Milk delivery apps have revolutionized consumers receive their daily deliveries, providing convenience and enhancing the customer experience. In the United Kingdom, several companies stand out for developing milk delivery applications. Here are some of the milk delivery app services that provide milk delivery apps:

Milk delivery solutions

Milk Delivery Solutions is an integrated SaaS solution specifically designed to streamline doorstep milk deliveries. The software offers advanced modules like order management, payment management, delivery management, customer management, stock management, and reporting and analytics. The admin panel integrated into the software gives a 360-degree view of your business, allowing you to track and manage your milk delivery business.
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TrakOp is a subscription-based cloud delivery management software that allows you to manage and operate your subscription businesses. It offers complete visibility and control of the delivery operations. The software offers features to help you manage your milk delivery business, including recurring orders, invoicing, deliveries, and payments.
trakop, milk delivery software, milk round software, milk delivery system offers tech solutions and dairy consulting for dairy businesses. They provide milk delivery software along with consultation services for your dairy businesses. Their service includes delivery management software, order management software, milk distribution systems, dairy analytics software, milk transportation software, plant operation management, milk production management, and dairy farm consulting.
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Master Software Solutions

Master Software Solutions is an IT-service-based company that offers customized milk round software solutions for your doorstep milk deliveries. The dairy delivery app solutions offered provide subscription-based recurring order and payment management. They can customize the solution as per your unique demands.
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Milk Delivery Round

Milk Delivery Round offers a complete solution for your doorstep milk deliveries. The software helps you manage your deliveries, control your stock, and run your customer accounts. The software offers the admin panel, the customer portal, and the delivery driver app. The features of Milk Delivery Round include invoicing and billing, online payment options, customer order management, delivery planning, route planning, a built-in map feature, and recording cash payments.
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Milk Delivery System

The milk delivery system is cloud-based milk round software that gives easy ordering, and stock control, and allows order adjustments for customers. The system offers a delivery driver Android app, a customer application for Android and iOS, and a website. It also offers a business dashboard for custom reports and various modules.
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How can your customer get milk delivered to their house?

They can download your white-labeled milk delivery app from the Play Store or Apple Store.
The process involved for doorstep deliveries in Milk Delivery Solutions:

  • To register, click on Sign up
  • Add your details – name, delivery address, phone number, and email.
  • Click on signup

Once the customers have signed up, they can select, products, delivery frequency, schedule, number of deliveries, and payment method. The order will be placed. In the case of a post-paid order, the bill is generated at the end of the month or week and is sent to the customers via email, SMS, or WhatsApp. The payment is done online or cash is handed over to the driver.

  • You can then confirm the order. The stock report gets updates. You can check and replenish it.
  • The order is auto-assigned to the driver, depending on the allotted route. The order gets updated on the delivery driver app.
  • The driver picks up the order. Customers receive real-time updates and can live-track their orders.
  • The order will be successfully delivered.


The dairy digital transformation with milk delivery apps has offered exceptional convenience and efficiency to customers and businesses. Several milk development companies have evolved to offer apps for milk round businesses. Whether you are a startup or an enterprise business looking to upgrade your existing systems, partnering with any of these app development companies can be a strategic move. Their expertise can be a valuable asset to achieving business goals. Book a free demo and see how we can help your milk round business grow.