How can Milk Subscription Software Help Dairy Businesses?

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Automated milk subscription software is an integrated platform for tracking and operating the dairy business. The software has three components- an admin panel, customer interface and driver’s application that works in sync. Any changes make in the customer interface or the driver’s application are reflected on the admin panel. 

The software automates the following business operations which are time-consuming when done manually:

  • Automated order management
  • Route-optimisation
  • Automatic notifications
  • Automated payment management

In this blog, we’ll discuss the features offered by milk subscription software in detail.

5 essential Features of milk subscription software

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Automated order management– The milk subscription software automates the order management process. The customer can place new orders and modify or cancel existing orders digitally from the customer interface. These orders are auto-updated on the admin panel. The order is tracked and dispatched and sent out for delivery. The order summary and linked-based invoices are auto-generated and sent to the customers via email and sms. 

Benefits of automated order management in milk delivery business

  • Hassle-free order placement and management
  • Transparency between customers and businesses increases CSAT

Route-optimisation- Real-time route optimisation is a magic feature that can make deliveries fast and less costly. The feature creates the shortest delivery path and schedules the deliveries that reduce the turnaround time and fuel costs. The shortest delivery path ensures timely and accurate deliveries. The software also generates an estimated time of arrival and allows customers to live-track their orders.  

Benefits of optimising the route to improve delivery efficiency

  • Reduced turnaround time
  • Ensure timely deliveries
  • Cuts off extra fuel costs

Automatic notifications- The software auto-generates notifications like order status updates, paid payments and pending payments. The order status updates from the order being placed till the order is fulfilled, are sent to the customers in-app which gives transparency to the customers and enhances their experience. Pending payment notifications ensure that customers pay their bills on time which improves the positive cash flow. 

Benefits of automatic notifications to increase CSAT 

  • Enhances customer experience
  • Increases the retention rate
  • Decreases the churn rate
  • Pending payment notifications improve positive cash flow

Automated payment management- Automated payment management helps in payment collection, recovery and reconciliation. The software offers multiple payment gateway integrations and gives customers flexibility in making payments at any time and from anywhere. The invoices are auto-generated and are linked based, customers can directly pay from the invoice. Customers can make their payments online (cards, payment gateways and wallets) or via cash. Businesses can track the payments on the admin panel. 

Benefits of automated payment management for improving cash flow

  • Gives customers flexibility in making payments
  • Improves positive cash flow
  • Enhances customer experience

Real-time stock reports- The software auto-generates stock reports that include data on available stock, the total stock that is required to fulfil the orders and extra stock to be obtained. Having a real-time stock report ensures that the business never runs out of stock or has excess stock. Both excess and insufficient stock can result in financial losses.  

Benefits of real-time stock reports for planning future sales

  • Ensures optimum stock availability
  • Prevent businesses from overselling
  • Avoid spoilage of the product due to overstocking 

These features of the milk subscription software collectively streamline the business and mitigate the chances of errors. The software automates the processes and reduces human dependency which allows business owners to plan to scale and grow the business. 

If you want to scale and grow your business without hampering profitability, milk subscription management software is the ultimate platform for you. Schedule a call to know how we can help you make your business efficient and profitable.