Challenges Faced Without Milk Subscription Software

ravi garg,mds,challenges,milk,subscription,dairy business,software,milk business,delivery

Managing the dairy business manually can be tedious, especially if the business size is increasing. “Milk delivery services” also known as “morning needs services” are generally subscription-based and are not easy to maintain manually. Online milk management software is an integrated platform for milk subscription businesses that can automate and optimise the entire business.  

In this blog, we’ll discuss the challenges that are faced by dairy businesses without milk subscription software.

Top 6 Challenges in the milk subscription business

Managing subscriptions- A subscription model is where the customers place orders for recurring services for a specific period of time. Managing new subscription orders, modified subscription order, and paused subscription manually is prone to human error and result in wrong and delayed deliveries.    

Hassle-in-order placement- Customers place orders via phone calls or whatsapp. As the number of customers and orders increases, it becomes difficult to manage all the orders. This can result in missing out on orders or wrong data entry on the system. 

ravi garg,mds,challenges,milk,subscription,dairy business,software,milk business,delivery

Managing customer queries- With a growing business, the number of customers increases, and so do the queries. Managing customer queries or resolving customer disputes individually might not be feasible for the business. This might require them to hire extra staff and add additional costs to the business operations. 

Chances of human errors- Every dairy business operation being manually managed might increase the risk of errors. As the orders are placed and modified manually, there might be a lack of clear communication which can result in wrong order entry. Errors in the data entry can result in wrong and delayed deliveries and customer disputes.  

Managing inventory- Inventory management is one of the crucial parts of any business that ensures successful order fulfilment. Manual inventory management is tedious and time-consuming. Any error in the inventory report can lead to insufficient stock or excess stock. 

Managing deliveries- Manual dispatching, scheduling and delivery management is a time-consuming process and have chances of miscommunication between the delivery person and the business. This can reduce the efficiency of the business and drastically impact the delivery process.  

These aforementioned challenges however can be solved with dairy management software. It can be the best time to level up your dairy subscription business with milk subscription software. 

According to research by clockify, “60% of the time is spent on duplicating tasks by an employee in a manual process.” Managing recurring orders is a tedious task and can be time-consuming. Schedule a Call with our dairy industry experts to learn more about milk subscription management software and see how “Milk Delivery Solutions” can help you manage your milk subscription business.