What are the Features of the Milk Management System?

The milk management system is a consolidated platform that unifies various business operations like order management, payment management, delivery management, and stock management and allows businesses to track and operate from a single platform. 

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In this article, we’ll discuss the essential features of a milk management system that help dairy businesses in streamlining their business operations.  

Top 5 essential features of the milk management system

Order management process- The online milk management system automates the order management process starting from order acceptance to order fulfilment. Customers can place their orders from the customer application. The placed orders are notified on the admin panel and accepted by the admin. The processes like order acceptance, auto-assign orders to the drivers, auto-dispatching and scheduling, and order fulfilment are automated. The system auto-generates order status updates as the order is placed, accepted, tracked, dispatched and delivered. The order summary and invoices are automatically generated and sent to the customers via email and sms. 

How does automating order management helps streamline the dairy business?

  • The customer can place new one-time or subscription orders, modifying or cancelling existing one-time or subscription orders digitally from the customer interface.
  • Minimises the chances of errors and makes order management an easy process.
  • Enhances the customer experience and increases the customer retention rate. 

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Payment management process- The system automated the payment collection, recovery and reconciliation. The linked-based invoices are automatically sent to the customers weekly or monthly as pre-defined by the business owner via sms and email. The system offers businesses to integrate multiple integrations for online payments which gives customers flexibility in making payments. 

How automated payment management system improves the positive cash flow of the dairy business?

  • Sends paid and pending payment notifications, ensuring customers pay bills timely.
  • Helps in payment reconciliation and helps avoid future payment disputes.
  • Drivers can add proof of payment either by entering the amount and OTP from the customers’ phones or entering the transaction ID.

Route optimisation- The milk management software has an integrated delivery management system that optimises the delivery route and creates the shortest path for drivers to make successful deliveries. Route optimisation helps in reducing the delivery turnaround time and ensures accurate and fast deliveries.

How does route optimisation help in optimising the dairy business?

  • Reduced turnaround time help in cutting off the extra fuel costs.
  • Live tracking of driver and vehicles allow business owners to track their performance.
  • The shortest delivery path ensures the right and timely deliveries. 

Stock management process- The online milk management software auto-generates precise stock reports that include data like stock available, total stock required for order fulfilment and extra stock required to fulfil customer demand. The stock management software is integrated with the online milk management software which allows business owners to track their inventory on the same platform.

How does stock management help dairy businesses?

  • Ensures that dairy businesses never go out of business.
  • The businesses follow FIFO (first-in-first-out) model. This prevents dairy product spoilage due to overstocking.
  • Assure that businesses can fulfil customer demand and do not oversell. 

Business reports- The milk management system auto-generates reports like- overall sales and product sales reports (monthly and annually) and analytics, customer report and sentiment analytics. These reports are highly useful for businesses when thinking of scaling up and expanding.

How do business reports help businesses in planning future business strategies?

  • Study and analyse the reports to understand the market demand.
  • Plan and strategise future sales.
  • Understand the flaws and make amendments.

These are the major features of milk management software that smoothen the dairy business operations making it more efficient, productive and lucrative. The software mitigates the chances of human errors and ensures accurate and timely deliveries.

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