What is a Milk Management System?- Benefits and Features

The milk delivery management system is an integrated tool that automates the entire dairy business, allowing business owners to track and manage the operations from a single platform. The system is a one-stop solution for optimising the operations of the dairy business.

Mordor Intelligence states, “The dairy market is projected to register a CAGR of 5.35%.” With the increasing demand for dairy products and the expanding dairy market, most dairy businesses have opted for digitalizing and automating their milk business.

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In this blog, we’ll discuss

  1. Steps involved in operating the milk delivery business
  2. Benefits of milk management software
  3. Features of the milk management system

What is a milk management system?

The milk management system is a SaaS-based milk delivery software that automates and optimises milk delivery operations. It streamlines operations like order processing, payment collection, stock control, delivery planning, and report generation. The software offers three components: the admin panel, the customer app for milk delivery and the delivery app for drivers.

The tools and features of milk delivery solutions help reduce operational costs and increase return on investment, allowing your business to scale and expand.

Steps involved in operating the milk delivery business with the milk management system

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  • Step 1: Customers place their one-time or subscription orders digitally via the customer interface and businesses accept the order from the admin panel.
  • Step 2: The system auto-generates summaries and invoices and sends them to the order via email or SMS.
  • Step 3: Automatic notifications are sent to customers (push notification, SMS, or email).
  • Step 4: The milk management software offers multiple payment integration options that provide flexibility in making payments to your customers.
  • Step 5: Route optimisation creates the shortest possible delivery route for drivers to make on-time and accurate deliveries.

Features of the Milk Management System

Order management

The software has an integrated order management software that automates and streamlines the order management process, from order acceptance to order fulfilment. Customers can place their one-time or subscription orders through the customer milk delivery app.  They can edit, cancel and reschedule their one-time and subscription orders. Customers can pause and resume their subscriptions for a specific date range. The system auto-generates order status updates as the order is placed, accepted, tracked, dispatched, and delivered.

Billing and payments

The milk management software automates payment collection, recovery, and reconciliation.  The system generates invoices, which you can send to your customers via email, SMS or WhatsApp. The invoice is generated based on the orders delivered to the customers. You can set the frequency of invoice generation for invoices as weekly or monthly.

Route planning

The system effectively plans delivery routes and sequences deliveries. Route optimisation is one of the major features of the system. It creates the shortest delivery route, helps reduce the delivery turnaround time, and ensures accurate and fast deliveries. The orders are auto-assigned to the drivers and the deliveries are auto-dispatched.

Stock management

The online milk management system auto-generates detailed stock reports that include data like available stock, stock required for order fulfilment, and extra stock needed to fulfil customer demand. Precise stock reports prevent stockouts and overstocking, preventing product spoilage and financial losses.

Reports and analytics

The milk management system auto-generates precise business reports. These reports include sales, customer, delivery, and stock reports. You can plan for your future business by using these reports to gain insight.

Electronic proof of delivery

Your drivers can obtain electronic proof of delivery, such as signatures or pictures or deliver the order by entering the OTP received on the customer’s phone. Obtaining proof of delivery fosters transparency and minimises the chances of customer disputes.

Notifications and reminders

You can send custom notifications to your customers and delivery drivers. The system sends automatic status updates as the order is processed, dispatched and delivered. You can remind your clients about outstanding payments and low wallet balances with notification reminders, ensuring a steady positive cash flow.

Benefits of using milk management software in the milk delivery business

The advanced features of an online milk delivery management system offer benefits that allow you to improve your business efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Some of the common advantages of implementing this software are:

Streamlines operations

The online milk management software automates and streamlines the business, making it productive, profitable and efficient. The software automates the entire business, which includes processes like order management, stock management, payment management, and route optimisation. Streamlining and optimising deliveries ensures on-time order deliveries and enhanced customer satisfaction scores.

Lowers operational costs

The online milk management system optimises businesses’ operational costs and allows businesses to focus on planning future sales. Auto-updation of data and route optimisation help dairy businesses optimise operational costs by reducing the need for hiring extra staff and creating the shortest delivery route, respectively.

Improves customer experience

Allowing customers to place and manage orders from an online milk delivery app easily improves the customer experience. Features like real-time tracking and order status update notifications foster transparency and increase the brand’s worthiness.

Avoid bad debt

The online dairy management system assists dairy businesses in payment collection, recovery and reconciliation. The system offers multiple payment options for the customer to make their payments. It sends pending payment low wallet balance reminders, which prompts customers to make payments on time. Timely payments improve positive cash flow and prevent bad debt.

Data-driven decisions

The system generates financial reports that are analysed to plan future business plans and scale the business. These reports enable you to make rational decisions based on facts and figures.

Efficient route planning

Creating the shortest delivery path reduces total delivery turnaround time, allowing you to serve more customers in the same time frame. Automating order assignment and dispatching minimises the chances of human errors and ensures accurate and timely deliveries.

Increase your milk delivery business’s ROI

Automate complete delivery process &
save the extra costs.

Milk management software is an integrated suite that allows business owners to track their entire business activities and operate from a single screen. The milk management software streamlines and optimises the entire dairy business operations seamlessly.

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