Role of Dairy Management System in Optimising Supply Chain

The dairy industry is a dynamic and complex sector and requires efficient supply chain management for its success. From milk order placement- both one-time and subscription orders to order fulfilment each step needs to be carefully carried out to ensure on-time and accurate delivery. This is where the dairy management system comes into play which has proved to be a paradigm shift in the way milk sales and distribution are managed, bringing substantial benefits and optimising the entire supply chain. 

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In this blog, we will explore the crucial role of dairy management software in optimising dairy supply chain management and how it will streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and improve overall productivity.

Here are some key roles of dairy management system in optimizing the dairy supply chain.

Automated ordering

The software allows customers to place subscriptions and one-time orders digitally. These orders are then automatically accepted, picked, packed, dispatched, and delivered. The system auto-generates order summaries and invoices that can be accessed in the app by customers. The software provides an estimated time of arrival and allows customers to track their orders in real time.   

Inventory management

The system enables accurate inventory tracking and management. Businesses can track the inventory levels available, required to fulfil future needs and extra inventory required to procure. This ensures businesses maintain optimal inventory levels, reducing waste and minimising stockouts or overstocking. 

Payment management

The invoices are auto-generated and sent to customers via email and SMS. An in-app invoice is also sent. Customers can pay through multiple payment gateways or cards or even choose to pay via cash. Customers also receive late payments and low-balance reminders ensuring on-time payments that help avoid bad debt.    

Complete visibility

Using software allows for complete visibility and traceability to have complete control over business operations. ‌This enables quick identification of any issue or recall to be made. Business owners can operate and control their businesses from a single pane of glass, allowing them to track their business at any time and from anywhere.

Route optimisation

Efficient transportation and logistics are crucial in the dairy supply chain. Delivery management software uses algorithms to optimise delivery routes, minimise transportation costs, and ensure timely and accurate deliveries. Optimising delivery routes reduces driver turnaround time and ‌fuel consumption. Doing so also minimises the impact of carbon footprinting by reducing carbon emissions. On-time deliveries enhance the customer experience and improve customer satisfaction scores. 

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Business analytics

The system auto-generates business reports like customer analytics, sales reports and analytics, and inventory reports. These reports are studied and analysed by businesses to plan and strategise for future business sales. These reports are also used to track the financial health of the business. 

Customer communication

The system sends in-app notifications, SMS, and emails about order status updates or payment updates. It also allows customers to share valuable feedback and suggestions about the product and service. This promotes transparency and improves the trustworthiness of the brand, adding value to the brand. 

Milk Round software plays a pivotal role in streamlining and optimising the dairy supply chain by automating inventory management, order management, payment management, and route optimisation that allow businesses to make data-driven decisions, reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and deliver high-quality dairy. Book a call to find out what we offer and see how it can help your business grow.